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Basic data


Huiyan Zhang



Associate professor



Room 261, Thermoenergy Engineering Research   Institute

Address     Phone:   +86-25-83790667

Research Interests

1.Biomass   catalytically thermal conversion;

2. Solid waste disposal and utilization


Data for webpage


Huiyan Zhang   achieved his doctor degree at SoutheastUniversity in 2012. He completed one year (2009-2010) study at University of Massachusetts- Amherst as a co-joint   PhD student under the guidance of Professor George W. Huber. The focus of his   research is lignocellulosic biomass conversion into transportation fuels and   chemicals through novel catalytic approaches. At present he is (co-)author of   3 international and 9 Chinese patents and over 30 papers including that   published in Science, Energy &   Environmental Science, Green Chemistry, Bioresource Technology and so on. The   total impact factor of his first author papers is about 60. His work has been   cited more than 600 times (Google Scholar Citations), the maximum citing time   of his first author papers is more than 100.


English course for graduate student:Renewable Energy

Academic/teaching Projects

[1]The   National Natural Science Foundation of China: Study on carbon deposition   behaviors and regulation of the catalyst in biomass catalytic pyrolysis to   produce advanced liquid fuels, PI, 2014.1~2016.12.

[2]The   Jiangsu   Natural Science Foundation: The formation and optimization of the  hydrocarbon pool and coke formation of microporous   catalyst in biomass liquefaction, PI, 2013.7~2016.7.

[3]The Doctoral Discipline Foundation for Young   Teachers in the Higher Education Institutions of Ministry of Education:   Biomass catalyst pyrolysis with two mixed catalysts, PI, 2014.1~2016.12.

Awards& Achievements

[1]“Excellent   paper”, Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics, Combustion Science   Conference, 2008;

[2]Published   paper on SCIENCE, 2010;

[3]Published   Cover Paper on Green Chemistry   (IF6.82), 2012;

[4]“Excellent   paper”, second prize, Nanjing Association for Science and Technology, 2013.

Publications (papers & academic   book etc.)

[1]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al. Comparison of non-catalytic   and catalytic fast pyrolysis of corncob in a fluidized bed reactor. Bioresource   Technology, 2009, 100(3):   1428-1434. (IF: 4.75)

[2]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al. Catalytic fast pyrolysis   of biomass in a fluidized bed with fresh and spent fluidized catalytic cracking   (FCC) catalysts. Energy & Fuels, 2009, 23: 6199-6206. (IF: 2.853)

[3]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al. Hydrodynamics of a novel biomass Aautothermal fast pyrolysis   reactor: Flow pattern and pressure drop. Chemical   Engineering & Technology, 2009, 32, (1), 27-37. (IF:   1.366)

[4]Vispute TP, Zhang   HY, et al. Renewable chemical commodity feedstocks   from integrated catalytic processing of pyrolysis oils. Science, 2010, 330(6008): 1222-1227. (IF: 31.027)

[5]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Catalytic conversion of   biomass-derived feedstocks into olefins and aromatics with ZSM-5: the   hydrogen to carbon effective ratio. Energy & Environmental Science,   2011, 4(6): 2297-2307. (IF: 11.635)

[6]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Biomass fast pyrolysis in   a fluidized bed reactor under N2, CO2, CO, CH4   and H2 atmospheres. Bioresource Technology, 2011, 102(5): 4258-4264. (IF: 4.75)

[7]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Numerical study on the hydrodynamics   of a self-heating biomass fast pyrolysis reactor. Energy & Fuels,   2011, 25(9): 4077-4084. (IF: 2.853)

[8]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Catalytic fast pyrolysis   of wood and alcohol mixtures in a fluidized bed reactor. Green Chemistry, 2012, 14(1): 98-110. (Cover paperIF: 6.828)

[9]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Hydrodynamics of a novel   biomass autothermal fast pyrolysis reactor: solid circulation rate and gas   bypassing. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2012, 181-182(1): 685-693. (IF: 3.473)

[10]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et   al. Catalytic fast pyrolysis of straw biomass in an internally interconnected   fluidized bed to produce aromatics and olefins: Effect of different   catalysts. Bioresource Technology, 2013, 137, 82-87. (IF: 4.75)

[11]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al. Biomass catalytic pyrolysis to produce olefins and   aromatics with a physically mixed catalyst. Bioresource Technology, 2013, 140, 256-262. (IF: 4.75)

[12]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al.Co-catalytic pyrolysis of   biomass and waste triglyceride seed oil in a novel fluidized bed reactor to   produce olefins and aromatics integrated with self-heating and catalyst   regeneration processes. RSC   Advances, 2013, 3,   (17), 5769-5774. (IF: 2.562)

[13]Zhang HY, Zheng J, et al. Catalytic pyrolysis of willow wood with Me/ZSM-5 (Me= Mg, K, Fe, Ga,   Ni) to produce aromatics and olefins. BioResources 8 (4), 5612-5621. (IF:   1.309)

[14]Zhang HY, Shao SS, et al. Characterization of coke   deposition in the catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass derivates. Energy   & Fuels, in press. (IF: 2.853)

[15]Zhang HY, Xiao R, et al. Hydrogen production from bio-oil by chemical looping   reforming. Journal of Thermal Analysis   and Calorimetry, in   press. (IF: 1.982)


[1]Huber   GW, Zhang HY, Carlson TR. Method for producing fluid hydrocarbons. International   patent (US 2013/0060070 A1; WO 2013/032672   Al). 

[2]Xiao R, Zhang HY,   et al. Device and method for   preparing oxygen-containing liquid fuel by bio-oil catalytic conversion. International   patent (WO/2013/127215).

The supervised  postgraduate students (including  their emails)

Ran Chen (Graduated,   Co-supervise);

Shanshan Shao   (Ph.D candidate, Co-supervise);

Jianlong Nie (Co-supervise);

Mengmeng Luo (Co-supervise);

Jian Zheng (Co-supervise);

Yang Jiang (Co-supervise);

Yun Wang (Co-supervise)