ZHANG Yaoming, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu province in December 1943. He graduated from Shanghai Tongji University in 1965 and then was assigned to Nanjing Fiberglass Research and Design Institute. He worked there as the vice dean during 1993-1995, then he was promoted to dean till 2003. He now works as the chairman of Nanjing Science and Technology Association, the head of Solar Energy Technology Research Centre of Southeast University, the head of Southeast University-Sinoma Tiancheng Solar Energy Research Centre and the chairman of Nanjing Sinoma Tiancheng New Energy Co., Ltd.


Academician Zhang has directed and undertaken over twenty national or provincial key scientific and technological projects and has won 6 times the second prize of state award for inventions or state progress prize in scientific and collective technology, 5 times the second prize of provincial progress prize in scientific and collective technology and 1 time the DuPont International Confederation for Thermal Analysis Award. He has published more than thirty papers and literary works and applied for more than one hundred patents. Over 50 of the patents are patents for invention and half of all the patents are granted. As the pioneer and technical founder of his research area, Academician Zhang has brought up a large number of excellent young engineers and they form the backbone of our national non-communication optical fiber and specialty glass area. He was awarded Labor Model Award of Construction Systems by Ministry of Personnel, PRC and over ten other honors. He won the Wang Danping Science Prize in 1995.


Academician Zhang is the first to create not only the wire drawing technology with a twenty-hole double crucible, but also the wire drawing machine with double large heads and the plastic optical fiber technology using multi-row and multi-hole method. His non-communication optic fiber producing technologies of multicomponent glass optical fiber, plastic fiber and image transmission are leading at home and abroad. It pushes the development of the related technology in our country and helps the scale of non-communication optical fiber industry reach one billion. He is also the first to create the glass fiber wire drawing technology in a platinum-substitute stove and air cooling technology for wire root in a needle tube. He is the leader in the 31 project the No.10 project and has made great contributions to the industry of glass fiber and national defense force.


Because of his long time peruse in the research of solar energy utilization technology, academician Zhang enjoys the reputation of “sunshine academician”. His research area includes solar lighting, solar power, concentrated photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic and photothermal complex utilization and so on. He has directed a series of research projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the special project of the Research Institution of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Research of high technology in Jiangsu Province, and made continuously breakthroughs. Under his leadership, his team is the first to build a 70kW solar thermal power generation demonstration project. Also, his team successfully develops a highly cost-effective concentrating photovoltaic power generation system. He has applied over 60 national patents surrounding the solar utilization and over 30 of them have been granted.


He was awarded the “first session of top 10 outstanding patent inventors in Jiangsu Province” in 2004, and the grand prize of “the first session of invention and entrepreneurship award in China” and the “contemporary inventor” title in 2005.