Graduate Admissions

At 11 o'clock on July 18th, the award ceremony for outstanding campers in Summer Camp which organized for undergraduates by School of Energy and Environment was successfully held in room 429 of the Power Building. The ceremony was chaired by Mr. Huang, the vice President of the School of Energy and Environment, and Wang Pei, all campers participate in the ceremony. The award ceremony went smoothly, which marks the end of Summer Camp for undergraduates by School of Energy and Environment in 2013.


The summer camp lasted for three days, there were more than 70 outstanding university students from all around the country attended the camp. In addition to the opening ceremony and the award ceremony of the Summer Camp, we have arranged professional interviews, laboratory visit and quality development, aims at making the members obtain the biggest harvest in the activities. This summer camp opening ceremony was held in Qunxian Building at 2:00pm on July 15th, Liu Bo, deputy secretary of southeast university, Gu Ning, president of School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Gao Shan, vice president of School of Electrical Engineering, Zhu Guangcan, vice President of School of Energy and Environment, all attended the opening ceremony, and delivered a speech successively. Then Huang Yaji, the president of School of Energy and Environment represented the department to held a welcoming ceremony by School of Energy and Environment in Room 429 of Power Building. In the welcome ceremony, the chairman of each department was invited to introduce the major development situation and study and life conditions of graduate study to the campers. On the morning of July 16th, the institute arranged professional interviews to campers by specialists and professors. In addition to personal brief introduction to teachers, campers needed to make teachers understand their outcomes at undergraduate study. The professional interview results also as the basis for "outstanding campers" appraisal. In the afternoon, under the leadership of the president Huang, campers visited the laboratory. On July 17th, the campers attended the quality development activities. "Making raft", "crossing power lines" and other activities making campers acquaintance in the game, communicate in acquaintance, and collaborate in the communication.


In the summer camp, campers understood more comprehensively about the subject construction of the School of Energy and Environment in Southeast University as well as got a lot of guidance by experts. Although it was in the hot summer that the campers participated in quality development activities, they overcame all kinds of difficulties, accepted tests, fully showed the good quality of bearing hardships, hardworking, self-challenge and surging ahead, improve the enthusiasm for participating summer camp. Three days of summer camp fleeting, outstanding university students from all around the country were going to farewell to southeast university, farewell to each other. Here, they gained the friendship and the knowledge, broadened their field of view. In the sound of farewell, this summer camp activity came to a successful close.


Summer Camp of the School of Energy and Environment for undergraduate student was held by the School of Energy and Environment, the graduate admissions office of southeast university, aims at expanding the influence of related majors of Southeast University, improving the quality of graduate student recruited. The two session of summer camp successfully held before have all made good effects.