Key Lab of Energy Thermal Conversion and Control, Ministry of Education

Key lab of energy thermal conversion and control, ministry of education of China was established in 2011. The research areas involved were mainly focused in: 1) Clean utilization of Coal; 2) renewable energy (Biomass, solar energy, geothermal energy) and solid waste technology; 3) Control technology of polluting gas such as SOx and NOx and PM2.5; 4) Simulation, optimization and control of thermal power systems; 5) Micro-scale heat and mass transfer. We have 66 full-time academic staffs, including an academician of China Engineering Academy, 36 professors (27 doctoral supervisors) and A Changjiang Scholar awarded by MoE of China. Every year, about 200 graduate students and 60 PhD students are enrolled in the lab. During the past five years, the research work was supported by a great number of funding panels, such as National “973 Program”, “863 Program”, NSFC and province government. The amount of funding exceeded 100 million CNY. We won the “II medal” of National Science and Technology Progress Award from MoST of China in 2010, and other provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress award for about 12 times during past five years.