The School of Energy and Environment at Southeast University originates from both the group of sanitary engineering in1931 and the discipline of thermal power engineering in 1932 at the National Central University, which Southeast University was named before 1949. Many preeminent scholars and experts, like Professor QIAN Zhonghan, Professor WU Darong, Professor FAN Congzhen, Professor WANG Shoutai, Professor XIA Ranru etc., taught here and were famous in energy engineering field. Similarly, The senior outstanding scholars in Environment Science, like Professor XU Baojiu, Professor NIU Shiru, Professor HU Jiajun, Professor QIN Linyuan etc., also worked here. So far, more than ten thousands specialized talents graduated here and seven among them won the academician of Chinese Academy Science / the member of China Engineering Academy. The school of Energy and Environment at Southeast University runs two the first-class disciplines of Power Engineering & Thermal Engineering Physics and Environment Science Engineering, which includes the 10 the second-class disciplines such as Power Engineering & Thermal Engineering Physics, Environment Science and Engineering, Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Environment Science Engineering etc.. We also offer postdoctoral fellowship in these two the first-class disciplines.  Both Power Engineering & Thermal Engineering Physics and Environment Science Engineering are the key first-class disciplines in Jiangsu Province. Moreover, Power Engineering & Thermal Engineering Physics is also the advanced and outstanding discipline in Jiangsu province. Thermal Energy Engineering is the national key disciple with the second-class in China. Two Changjiang Scholar Fellowships by Ministry of Education are offered in Both Thermal Energy Engineering and Power Engineering.        


The school is one of largest in the university, comprising over 152 staff with 131 full-time lecture positions, which includes 49 professors (33 doctoral supervisors), 49 associate professors (5 doctoral supervisors) and 26 lecturers. Among them, there are an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, a fellowship of Changjiang Scholars Program, a winner of National outstanding youth talent plans by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, a winner of WU Zhonghua prominent youth reward, a winner of national new century hundreds/thousands/ten thousands talent projects, a winner of trans-century outstanding talents of Ministry of Education, 8 winners of new-century outstanding talents of Ministry of Education, 5 senior experts in the second-level talent plan of “Project 333” in Jiangsu Province, 5 leading experts in the third-level talent plan of “Project 333” in Jiangsu Province, 2 outstanding professors at Southeast University, 3 prominent youth professors at Southeast University.      


In the recent four years, we have undertaken 6 tasks supported by National 973 Programs with the second tier topics, 13 projects of National 973 Programs with the third tier topics, 12 tasks of National 863 Programs, 3 tasks of National Sci-Tech Support Plans with the first-tier, one tasks of National Key Special Program for Water Environments, more than 60 research awards/incomes from National Natural Science Key Funds, Key Programs, National Natural Science Fund and National Natural Science for Youth, 6 projects of Jiangsu science-to-technology special funds, and 7 projects of Jiangsu Sci-Tech Support Plans. The School was successful in achieving about 0.4 billion RMB research awards/income. Moreover, the school won the National Second-Class Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and the National Second-Class Prize for Innovation in Science and Technology as the primary role. And we also have had 2 the Province/Ministry First-Class Prizes and 6 the Province/Ministry Second-Class Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. As for patents, 389 items of National Invention Patents and 179 patent of utility model were submitted. And 281 National Invention Patents and 176 Patents of Utility Model have been authorized. More than 1473 papers have been published in international/national key journals. Among them, 326 papers were indexed by SCI and 1136 articles by EI. Two PhD theses were listed in 100 National Doctoral Dissertations for Excellence. 6 PhD theses were selected in Jiangsu Provincial Doctoral Dissertations for Excellence and 7 Master theses were titled as Jiangsu Provincial Master Dissertations for Excellence. 13 graduate students won the awards of Jiangsu Innovation Programs for Graduate Students.          


The school includes seven research institutes/education center, like National Engineering Research Center of Turogenerator Vibration, Key Laboratory of Energy Thermal Conversion and Control of Ministry of Education, Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environments & Equipments of Ministry of Education, Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for Pollution Treatment and Resource Utilization, and National Educational Center for Power Engineering & Mechanics Engineering. The school occupies approximately 8200 m2 and its fixed asset is more than 104 million RMB. 200 kinds of advanced instruments and more 180 sets of pilot experimental rigs are open for research activities. The school library has had over 50 thousand copies of professional books/references and more than 200 international/national journals have been subscribed every year.