Department of  Thermal Energy Engineering

Department of  Power Engineering

Department of  Energy Informatics and Automatic Control Engineering

Department of  Refrigeration and Built Environment

Department of  Environment Science and Engineering



Thermal Energy Engineering Institute, Southeast University


Academic Units

National Engineering Research Center of Turbogenerator Vibration

Key Laboratory of Energy Thermal Conversion and Control of Ministry of Education

Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environments & Equipments, Ministry of Education

Jiangsu Engineering Research Center for pollution treatment and resource utilization

Joint Research Center jointed of Southeast University & Jiangsu Electric power Design Institute

Solar Energy Research Center of Southeast University

Joint Research Center of Southeast University & China equipment Industry of Environmental Projection

Joint Research Center of Energy system and Automatic Control of Southeast University & Nanjing Keyuan    

   Automatic Group Co.,Ltd.

Institute for Drying technology of Southeast University