School of energy and environment of Southeast University currently have two independently first-level discipline doctoral and post-doctoral mobile stations: (1) power engineering and engineering thermal physics and (2) environmental science and engineering. There is one MoE key laboratory (Key Laboratory of Thermal Energy Conversion and Control of MOE) and some other centers, including National Engineering Research Center of Turbo-Generator vibration, Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environments & Equipments, Ministry of Education, Pollution Control and Recycling Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu Province; Research and Development Center of Electric Power Design Institute of Southeast University and Jiangsu Province; National Training Mode innovative experimental areas for Mechanical power engineering and some other scientific research base and teaching platform. Floorage for scientific research and teaching is more than 8200 square meters, and the total value of our school permanent assets is more than a hundred million yuan. There are about 200 units of all kinds of analysis instrument, more than 180 sets of experimental rigs and over 50000 copies of professional books.


For the last three years, School of energy and environment had undertook 7 items of National 973 Program, 2 items of National 863 Program ,3 items of the first level of the program supported by Nation, one item of the important national water conservancy, a total of 49 items of these major projects, key projects, and youth projects supported by the national natural science funds , 6 items of the special fund project of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu province, 7 projects on science and technology development plan (industrial) of Jiangsu. 9 national or provincial prizes have been awarded to our school, which included  1 second  prizes in the "National Science and Technology Advancement Award", 2 second  prizes in the provincial natural science/technology award, 6 second prizes in the provincial scientific and technological progress/technical invention award; more than 300 national invention patents, more than 200 utility model patents, more than 100 authorized national invention patents, more than 150 utility model patents has been applied by our school; There are 1473 academic theses published by core journals at home and abroad, 256 of them were selected as source journals by SCI, and 1036 articles were published by EI. Our school has had a total number of 2 gainers of "National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation" program’s award and 2 gainers of doctor-postgraduate New Investigator Award of the ministry of education. There were 5 pieces of provincial excellent doctorial dissertations and 5 pieces of provincial outstanding master's thesis in Jiangsu province. There were 8 pieces of provincial excellent doctorial dissertations and 6 pieces of outstanding master's thesis in Southeast University. There were also 9 graduate students financing aid from Graduate student innovation project of Jiangsu province.