Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environments & Equipments, Ministry of Education



Engineering Research Center for Building Energy Environment & Equipments, Ministry of Education (BEEE) was approved to be established in 2009. It is an inter-discipline engineering research center, relying on the dominant disciplines of SEU, integrating parts of human and material resources from School of Energy and Environment, International Institute for Urban Systems Engineering at SEU, School of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering, and School of Public Health. It mainly focus on the technology  development,  technical  consulting  and  services for built environmental control of low-carbon buildings, renewable  energy  utilization, and urban habitant environment improvement. It also conducts the R&D of efficient building material and built environment equipment, the building energy-saving design technology, rectification of existing buildings, operation optimization and engineering services.


Research Group

Engineering Research Center has over 40 research staffs, including Prof. Zhang Xiaosong, Prof. Wu Zhishen (Yangtze River scholar professor, Ministry of Education) , Prof. Zhanghong, Prof. Yin Lihong, and other 11 professors, 22 associate professors, and nearly 10 lecturers. More than 80% researchers have studying and working experience overseas. In addition, nearly 30 PhD students and 70 master students also do research in this center.




Research Directions

1. Efficient built environment equipment and renewable energy application technology in buildings

2. Monitoring and operation optimization technology for building energy and equipment

3. Built environment control and green building materials technology

4. Energy efficiency design of architecture


Research Platform

Experimental platforms have been set up as SEU, including a multi-purpose refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory, artificial environmental chamber , renewable energy utilization for building energy-saving experimental platform, indoor air quality testing systems, environmental acoustic measurement and analysis system, architectural acoustics with reverberation chamber, floor impact sound insulation test chamber; built environment materials, building materials and construction of the wall pollutant diffusion test systems, etc. in addition, another R&D lab has been set up in Changzhou Institute of SEU.



 Refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory at SEU, Nanjing


Experimental platform of renewable energy utilization in buildings at SEU, Nangjing



R & D lab in Changzhou Institute of SEU


Research Project

In recent five years, several research projects were undertaken, including the National Science and Technology Support Key Project during the 12th Five-year Plan Period of China, more than 20 projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China and 4 Key Grant Projects of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation of Jiangsu Province, etc.


Research achievements

More than 150 papers have been published in high ranked publications of this subject. More than 60 Chinese invention patents have been authorized. Related study was awarded National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award.


Research achievements have been awarded the Second Prize of National Technology Invention in 2013, and the First Prize of Technology Invention Award, Ministry of Education, 2012.