Technology of High Efficient Utilization of Solar Energy


This direction aims on the research of the solar utilization theory, application, inversion and industrialization, and involves photovoltaic, photothermal and their complex utilization. Based on the existing research results, the main job is to research a more effective condensing method, a new type vacuum collector tube, and the biomass-combined power generation. To develop the industrialization of solar energy thermoelectricity, we need to improve the heat collecting efficiency, reduce the cost of electricity and explore the power generation technology that couples solar energy and other multi-quality energy such as coal and biomass.


Our institution has already obtained some important research achievements. Such as:

●The development of solar condensation system

In 2006, academician Zhang and his team successful developed the first 70kW tower type solar thermal power generation demonstration project in China. A cavity type high temperature receiver was invented and breakthroughs in technology such as the design of heliostat, the location and tracking control, and reflector molding. They also owned a lot of national patents for invention. To reduce the cost of groove type condenser and improve the installation efficiency and conditioning efficiency of condenser, the Solar Energy Centre of Southeast University successfully developed a new type quasi parabolic reflex condenser system with single column, a new way to build deflection mirror, together with three applications for patents of invention.


●The development of solar condensation system

A new type vacuum collector tube with selective absorbing coating and a metal channel which can endure high temperature and high pressure is developed. The technology of this collector belongs to the heating equipment area and is used to solve the axial stress problems caused by thermal deformation of the inner tube. The deformation of inner tube caused by heating can transfer to the external unloading device. The latter absorbs the deformation and therefore greatly reduces the axial stress on the outer glass tube. It radically solves the technical problems of loose and leak in the connection point of outer & inner tube and enduring high temperature and high pressure, and therefore improve the reliability of collector tube. Over 20 national patents for invention have been applied for involving technologies in this area.


●Solar energy tracking technology

 A multifunction tracking device that can be operated both manually and automatically is developed. The device combines photoelectric tracking, astronomical tracking and complex tracking together and can either apply any one of them based on weather condition automatically or operate under special conditions manually. The device can achieve tracking of different precisions with the help of position sensors and photoelectric sensors of different precisions and their corresponding signal conditioning circuit and the help of the frame with required mechanical precision. Uniaxial and biaxial tracking in different type of equipment can be achieved by using a software, thus the device with independent intellectual property rights (12 applications for patent) can achieve both low cost and high accuracy.

●Thermal power generation combining solar energy with biomass

Based on years of research on solar utilization and biomass power generation in fluidized bed and engineering practice, the technology of thermal power generation combining solar energy with biomass is developed. A solar power system and a biomass power system are optimized and integrated into a complex and complementary thermal power generation system. With solar radiation, the biomass CFB can work with the solar absorption-conversion system; without solar radiation, the solar absorption-conversion system is out of operation and the biomass CFB can work alone with the turbine to generate power. This technology is being developed with the help of state-owned enterprises and will have independent intellectual property rights.

Currently the focuses of research are as including follows:

(1) Efficient solar thermal collecting method and technology;

(2) Solar thermal generation combined with other energy.