Clean and Efficient Conversion of Coal


Aims to solve the low conversion efficiency and heavy pollution in coal fired power plant and combined with research foundation and advantages, research centers on problems in the new model of high efficient conversion of coal and is focused on the basic theory and key technology in coal combustion and gasification. Scientific solutions are provided to improve efficiency and lower emission.


Our institution has already obtained some important research achievements. Such as:

●Pressurized fluidized bed combustion combined cycle (PFBC-CC) power generation technology

Our research on PFBC-CC has always occupied the leading position in China. When presiding over the national key scientific and technological project - pressurized fluidized bed coal-fired combined cycle power generation from the sixth ten-year plan to the ninth ten-year plan, key technologies in PFBC-CC have been solved. The first pilot test 15WM PFBC-CC power plant constructed in Jiawang, Xuzhou, passed the national check. In the tenth five year plan, undertaking national 973 projects, the more advanced second generation PFBC-CC technology is under research.


Chemical-looping combustion (CLC) theory and method of solid fuel

The research of CLC theory and method of solid fuel (coal and biomass) was first proposed and carried out in the world. Based on the cold test, the world’s first hot test of small-scaled solid fuels CLC in interconnected fluidized beds was constructed in 2005. Using NiO and Fe2O3 as the oxygen carrier, the 95% concentration of CO2 was obtained. Thus the feasibility of the CLC in interconnected fluidized beds technology was validated and the oxidation-reduction reaction mechanism of oxygen carrier in CLC reactor was obtained. And the 2009 constructed 100kW coal CLC reacting device further promoted the industrialization of this technology. Such technology combined the new type energy conversion theory with CO2 enrichment process, was funded by several national 863 program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the International Cooperation Fund. Distinctive and pioneering work has been made as well as 3 national invention patents and 9 high level papers. 


●Coal oxygen-enriched (O2/CO2) combustion technology

In oxygen-enriched (O2/CO2) combustion aspect, on the basis of the existing coal-fired circulating fluidized bed technology research and the national 973 project fund, the research on “O2/CO2 cycle burning and collaborative removal of pollutants in circulating fluidized bed” was first carried out in 2006. Systematic basic theory was constructed and significant international influence was made due to the published relevant results. Long-term technical cooperation has established with the U.S. energy giant Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group company centering on the research of circulating fluidized bed O2/CO2 combustion technology.


Currently the focuses of research are as including follows:

(1) Novel coal combustion method (oxygen-enriched combustion, CLC and low NOx emission combustion);

(2) Novel method of coal gasification concerning “coal-fired combined cycle power generation” and “coal polygene ration” (high-density pressurized circulating fluidized bed gasification, etc.).