National Engineering Research Center of Turbogenerator Vibration


National Engineering Research Center of Turbogenerator Vibration (NERCTV) depending on Southeast University, ratified by the National Planning Committee and State Education Commission in 1994, is a kind of development entity that majors in engineering research of vibration and control techniques for turbogenerator. NERCTV has been developed on the base of Research Institute of Vibration Engineering of Southeast University and its total construction in vestment reaches over forty million yuan. Professor Fu xingjun is the director of the NERCTV.


The guiding principle and assignment of the NERCTV, according to the vibration problems in designing, manufacturing, as well as operating for large turbogenerators in our country, is to develop both the fundamental research and the engineering research in the technical aspects such as vibration design of rotor-shaft system, vibration monitoring and control, torsional vibration monitoring and restraining, fault diagnosis, and bringing turbogenerator vibration under control in the plant field.


The NERCTV occupied a research building of 3000 square meters. Five Departments affiliated to the center are Department of Vibration Engineering Application Technology, Department of Detecting Technology Department of Transducer Technology, Department of Safety Monitoring and Protecting Technology and Department of Fault Diagnostic Technology. In addition a Multiple Testing Laboratory and a Vibration Measurement Instrument Factory have also been set up. The NERCTV has a total staff of 60, including 14 professors, associate professors, and senior engineers, that forms a professional group matching with researchers in all fields such as the fundamental research of vibration engineering, the research of application developing, as well as product experiments and production, etc. Moreover, More than twenty Ph.D students and MS students join the scientific research work in NERCTV every year. The center also has a good collaboration research work with the relative departments in our university and other universities as well as enterprises.


The NERCTV furnished with a large number of import equipment at cost of approximate six hundred and thousand US Dollars, including EDA(Electric Design Automation) and CAD(Computer Aided Design) computer work station system, computerized transducer calibration and testing system, multi-channel vibration data sampling and analyze system, digital data recorders, and so on. The import from abroad of these sets of research equipment not only supplied the Center with deeply substance foundation in both engineering research of vibration technique and advanced development of instruments and meters, but also created beneficial conditions in undertaking the giant projects of vibration engineering and in developing the synthetically engineering research of multi-subjects.


It has been over thirty years since the institute of vibration engineering of southeast university engaged in the research work of vibration theory engineering technique for turbogenerators. Especially, in the latest decade, more than one hundred research projects at national, ministerial and provincial levels have been completed. Twenty-three of them have been acquired giant scientific and technical accomplishment awards such as National Academic Invention Award, National Scientific and Technical Progress Award, and Scientific & Technical Progress Award from the State Education Commission, Ministries and Provincial Governments. Thirty items of National Patent have been obtained. During the period of “85”planning years, the institute has undertaken both the national “85” key research project, named with “The Comprehensive Research of Promoting the Operation Stability and Reliability of the 200MW Turbogenerators Made in China”, and over twenty-three research projects from the State Ministries and Provincial Government. The total research founds amount to seven million yuan and more. In March 1996, the national “85” key research project not only passed the check and acceptance item by item but also obtained the favorable comments from the leader and experts in one accord. Meanwhile, all the sixteen sub-projects in which ten of them are in the lead in China and five of them reach the international advanced standard get the appraisal from the group of experts from the nation.


Achievements of “85” key project have been made well applications in four sets of 200MW steam turbine generator in Xuzhou Power Plant as well as the other small, Middle, or large turbogenerators in many power plants. For example, in the solutions of knotty vibration problems for 300Mwsteam turbine generators in Zhujiang Power Plant and Juanbi Power Plant, for 600MW steam turbine generators in Pingwei Power Plant, for 125Mwgnerators in Nanjing Power Plant, and for 50 MW generators in Haikou Power Plant, etc., both the social and economic profits have been created. Take four sets of 200MW steam turbine generators in Xuzhou Power Plant for example, the coal exhausts for bower supply averagely deduced 14g / kwh, otherwise, the equivalent feasible coefficient of turbogenerators averagely increased 14% from 1989 to 1995. This accomplishment makes the direct economic profits of 30 million yuan and the industry product value of 240.19 million yuan has been increased.


Ten types of the ZXP Series of instruments for vibration testing, analyzing, monitoring, controlling, fault diagnosis developed and produced in the NERCTV, are applied extensively to various departments such as the electrical power engineering, petrol and chemical engineering, with a promising sale up to over 600 sets every year. Three types of them won prizes of Scientific and Technological Awards by the Ministry of Electric Power.


Recently, the intelligent turbogenerator monitoring and surveillance system named as a series of TSI9100 and the trouble-memory instrument have been developed, The feature and reliability of this new system, installed in the 300MW steam turbine generators in Huaneng Nanjing Power Plant, are much better than that of the system originally allocated with the Soviet Unions’. Afterwards, the same system is separately fixed up in the 500MW steam turbine generators in Jixian County Power Plant and the 300MW steam turbine generators in Yingkou Power plant. All the systems are received favorable comments from plants. Besides, the products such as the type ZXP-3200 vibration data sampling and analyze system and SE series of proximity transducers, with the technique features reaching the same advanced levels as those of foreign countries, have been gone into markets in batch process.


In addition, the NERCTV undertakes the projects of the vibration field measurement and the design computation of the shaft system of 200MW turbogenerators that are to be innovated by the Electric Power Ministry in China and the Westing House Electric Corporation in United States. The field measurements of torsion vibration characteristic of 200Mwsteam turbine generators separately made by Harbin Electric Power Factory and Beijing Giant Electric Power Factory are accomplished. It is the first successful measurement since these two kinds of turbogenerators were produced several decades before. Meanwhile, enormous computing work of vibration and strength of the shaft system that can provide a reliable base for designing was fulfilled. The work has been obtained the highly appraises from the Westing House Electric Company.


In resent years, over forty Ph.D’s and MS. Students in the NERCTV have graduated in the fields of “thermal energy and power engineering”(PH.D. and MS programs), “noise control, shock and vibration”(MS. Program),and “testing measurement technique and instrument” (MS. Program). Every year, over ten Ph.D’s and MS. Students take the qualification for entering into these fields to study. Since the period of seventies, the research class of vibration theory, measurement technique, monitoring and protection, and fault diagnosis in various types and levels has been run sixteen times for the Ministry of Electric Power. More than five hundred people have become the technical backbone in industrial departments. In 1996, the NERCTV and the CSVE (China Society for Vibration Engineering) hold the first national academic conference on vibration engineering for rotating machinery. On behalf of the State Education Commission, the NERCTV also hold the international senior research symposium on vibration theory of rotating machinery and its application of high-tech. Today, the NERCTV has actively developed all kinds of business and cooperation with famous universities and enterprises in the world such as Windsor University in Canada, Monash University in Australia, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Westing House Electric Corporation, Bently Nevada Corporation, Schenck Corporation in Germany, Bruel & Kjaer Benelux in Denmark, and so on.


In the practices of both engineering research developments and achievement transformations, we have established widely cooperation relationship with the parts of industries such as scientific research institutes of electric power system, equipment manufacture factories, and power plants. Xuzhou Power Plant and Nanjing Power Plant as our bases of field testing are the cases. They have furnished us with much great supports for the engineering testifying and perfecting of the scientific and technological transforms and also make great contributions for promoting the development of electric power industry in our country.