Demonstration Meeting for Establishing Second-level Disciplines of "New Energy Science and Technology", "Energy Storage Science and Engineering" and "Carbon Neutrality Science and Engineering" Successfully Held


    In order to respond to the national carbon peaking & carbon neutrality goal, seize the energy science and technology highland, strengthen the discipline transformation and energy industry talent training under the new situation, the demonstration meeting for the addition of three second-level disciplines under Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics—New Energy Science and Technology, Energy Storage Science and Engineering and Carbon Neutralization Science and Engineering was held on May 22, 2021. Xiao Rui, President of School of Energy and Environment, chaired the meeting. Liu Jizhen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, served as the head of the expert group. Participating experts include Ling Xiang, vice President of Nanjing Tech University, Gao Xiang, dean of College of Energy Engineering at Zhejiang University, Yan Junjie, dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Luo Xiaobing, dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wang Tianyou, dean of School of Mechanical Engineering at Tianjin University, Shuai Yong, dean of the School of Energy at Harbin Industrial University, and Dai Yanjun, head of the Department of Power and Energy Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Mechanical Engineering.

    Professor Zhang Huiyan, deputy dean of School of Energy and Environment, demonstrated the background and necessity of setting up the three second-level disciplines, the existing foundation of the disciplines, the talent training program and the development plan. After active and in-depth discussion, the experts at the meeting held that it is very necessary to set up related second-level disciplines under the current background. In the plan, the talent training objective is clear, the training plan and the curriculum system are reasonable, the teaching and research conditions are guaranteed, and the discipline construction and development planning is clear and feasible. They agreed on setting up the three additional second-level disciplines. At the same time, the participating experts carried out in-depth discussions and exchanged views on the reform of current disciplines, talent training and other programs, as well as the development of future disciplines.

    The three new second-level disciplines are expected to enroll students in 2022.

    Professor Zhu Xiaoming, Dean of the Yangtze River Delta Carbon Neutralization Strategy Development Research Institute of Southeast University, Professor Cai Liang, party secretary of the School of Energy and Environment, Professor Shen Jiong, former Vice President of Southeast University, and Professor Huang Yaji, Director of the Graduate School of Southeast University attended the demonstration meeting. Heads of related disciplines attended the meeting as non-voting delegates.

Reporter: Zhang Huiyan, Chen Shiyi

Translator: Tao Yujie